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Shipping Info

PACKAGING - Your gecko(s) will be very safe!  We use the highest quality packaging materials, and take the utmost care in preparing and packaging your gecko(s) for shipping. Regardless of how many geckos you purchase, regardless of value, all packages receive our best attention and effort to assure your gecko(s)arrive healthy and happy.  Prior to shipping, the travel route of your gecko(s) and the weather is checked and taken into consideration, then heat or cold packs are used in packing your gecko(s) according to your geckos' need before sealing the box for shipping.  Geckos tolerate cold much better than being over heated.  Cool temperatures are actually better than warmer (hot) temperatures.  In cooler temps, during shipping your gecko's metabolism slows down and there is less stress on your animal.  Overly warm temperatures are more stressful for your gecko, even for a short period of time.  Rest assured, all efforts are made in all conditions to provide the most comfortable trip for your gecko(s). 


**In addition, due to the impact Covid-19 and the weather has had on shipping services, at this time we will only ship from "hub to hub" - no delivery will be made to personal/home/business addresses unless expressly agreed upon prior to shipment**


  • Currently, we ship throughout the lower 48 United States.  We can make arrangements to ship to the Hamm Germany shows through a third party.  

  • Due to the ever-changing and increasing shipping charges, shipping cost will be calculated just prior to delivery.  At Check-out, Shipping Cost will show as "TBD".  Sorry, no local/in-person pickups are offered at this time.

  • Currently, shipping costs to Canada - TBD.  Shipping to the Hamm show  - TBD.  Other European counties, Japan and China may be possible.  Please email us for additional details, if necessary.  



  • Lake Erie Leopard Geckos is a certified FedEx live shipper of harmless reptiles.  Please be aware of your local laws in keeping reptiles.  No package will ever be shipped without coordination with the purchaser.

  • We only ship live animals overnight Monday thru Wednesday for arrival the following morning.  I personally drive all shipments directly to the FedEx hub to avoid the use of other drivers.  Geckos will not be shipped until they are at least 15g in weight.  Certain conditions such as extreme weather, care of my collection and their feeding schedule, and/or personal reasons may delay shipping.  Once payment is received, we will make shipping arrangements.  I will NOT ship, until all shipping info has been confirmed and all payments are made in full Once a shipping label and arrangements are made, you will receive a tracking number, if you haven't received an email with your tracking info, please check your spam folder first.  After checking your spam folder, if you haven't received your tracking number, please contact us and we will get you the information you need.


ARRIVAL TIME - Animals will not be guaranteed for live arrival if no one is available to receive the package.  FedEx typically delivers by 10:30am, but this can vary based on your location.  If you live in a rural area, please check your tracking info for estimated arrival times.  If your tracking info says 4:30pm delivery, then that typically means the package will arrive between 12:00pm - 4:30pm.  I will normally ship on Monday and Wednesday, for next day arrival on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.  I will not ship close to or on the weekend due to the risk of the shipment running through the weekend and causing unnecessary stress and harm to the gecko(s).  This is the industry standard when shipping live reptiles,  there are no exceptions.  Please note, we pack the gecko(s) tight and aim for the package to arrive between 60°F - 72°F range.  This helps ensure the safety of your gecko(s).  We purposely do not punch holes in the box as it is not required and helps insulate the gecko better.


  • Once delivered, first, check over your package, if anything looks wrong please take a photo prior to opening your package.  If all looks good open the box immediately.   Animals left outside will not be guaranteed for live arrival.  Any concerns related to shipping must be reported immediately by email with pictures.  If the reptile arrives colder than room temperature please allow them to warm up slowly by leaving them in their deli cup at room temperature as needed.  Tracking numbers will be provided so you can check your package's status online.  Lake Erie Leopard Geckos takes great care to make sure the animal arrives in good health.  Lake Erie Leopard Geckos reserves the right to refuse a guarantee due to improper care or husbandry.

  • Please bring the package inside, open your package, and check on the health of your gecko(s).  Allow them to acclimate to room temperature before taking them directly to their new home.  If there is a problem with your gecko(s) take a photo immediately and notify me within an hour of your delivery. It doesn't happen often, however, sometimes a gecko may drop it's tail during shipping. I can not and will not guarantee this will not happen. Sometimes they may loose a tail due to stress, or maybe they have been handled roughly during their trip, in either case, it's beyond my control. When you purchase a gecko from Lake Erie Leopard Geckos you purchase your gecko(s) knowing geckos can drop their tails during shipping.

  • I would greatly appreciate a text, call, or email notifying me that your gecko has arrived, is healthy, and you are pleased.  Thank you!

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