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Terms & Conditions

You must be at least 18 years of age or have your Parents or Guardian's permission to purchase from us.  Lake Erie Leopard Geckos reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whom we feel is not prepared to provide proper care for our geckos.  If this is your first experience keeping Leopard Geckos, please let us know so we can assist you with your setup for your gecko before it arrives.  Please take time, prior to purchase, to read the volumes of information available on the internet and videos on YouTube describing proper care and nutrition for Leopard Geckos.

GUARANTEE - animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good health.  Please note all guarantees will be null in void, if someone is not present to receive the package, on the first attempt to deliver the gecko(s).  Any shipping issues must be reported immediately by email or the guarantee is void.  All guarantees are void if the package is left outdoors for any period of time.  In the very unlikely event that an animal is dead on arrival, we will require an email with with pictures within 1 hour of delivery time.  We will replace the animal or issue credit for a future purchase.  We have yet to lose an animal in the shipping process and plan to keep it that way.

We guarantee leopard geckos for 14 days after arrival, as long as proper husbandry is provided.  If you do experience an issue, proper and immediate communication is required.  Take photos of the gecko(s), we may ask to see them when you contact us.  Guarantees are typically for store credit only (no refunds).  We will not guarantee an animal if we are not contacted immediately to discuss the problem in detail.  Don't fail to notify us of an issue immediately, we can't help if we don't know that you have a problem with your gecko.  If we've determined the issue is related to stress and over-handling of your gecko, the guarantee is void.  All guarantees are void if the gecko purchased is housed with any other gecko or reptile, or housed in an inappropriate manner.

And please, as stated earlier, we want you to be very happy with your purchase, please communicate any problem or issue immediately so we may work out a solution for you.  I cannot predict or guarantee the changes your gecko may experience in color or pattern.  Leopard Geckos may experience changes in color and pattern, for quite a long period of time.  We try to offer geckos for sale, at a time when their potential is obvious, but not guaranteed.

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